The name of every alcoholic-beverage manufacturer, every product line, and every drink, is a potential trademark. The logos, slogans, and graphics on your labels or packaging are potential trademarks too. If your chosen trademarks don’t comply with the law, or they are too similar to someone else’s, you might not be able to use them. It’s best to find out whether you can use and protect your trademarks as early as possible so that you can make changes before you have accumulated customer goodwill and marketing costs. This is especially true in an increasingly crowded alcoholic-beverage industry, where trademark disputes are very difficult to avoid without careful planning.


Just as important, trademarks can be very valuable if they are properly protected. If you intend to cash out and sell your company someday, the buyers will want to see that you properly protected your intellectual property, including defending and registering your trademarks. Coming to the table with an array of vetted, registered trademarks will create far more worth than it costs. Properly registered trademarks are often among the most valuable assets your company owns. However, indefensible or unregistered trademarks can be nearly worthless or can even be a liability if they infringe on another trademark. Furthermore, having a poorly developed IP portfolio can signal to potential buyers that there may be other problems in your company.

We register trademarks, but we do a lot more. We help you avoid the extremely common and costly mistake of selecting an infringing mark. Then, we advise you on how to structure your brand name, your product lines, and all your other marketing collateral into a cohesive, legally defensible, and marketable IP portfolio.

It all starts with a free consultation. Contact us today to set an appointment with a qualified attorney.


It all starts with a consultation. Contact us today to set an appointment with a qualified attorney.

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