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Manufacturer Permitting

Before you can manufacture beer, wine, or distilled spirits in the United States, you must have the correct permit from the U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (the TTB). You generally must have a TTB permit before applying for state and local permits, which are often much simpler to apply for. Contrary to popular belief, the TTB is not a law-enforcement branch of the ATF. Instead, the TTB is an arm of the U.S. Treasury Department and is concerned primarily with taxation. Consequently, the TTB’s application process is complex. It involves vetting your owners and managers, showing where and how you will manufacture beverages, and demonstrating that you have the funds to go into business.

We know that delays can be disastrous, especially for brand new ventures. Due to the complexity of the application process, and with TTB processing times exceeding half a year in many cases, it is best to apply for your TTB application correctly the first time.


To keep your plans on track, we help you jumpstart the journey by guiding you as you generate or collect the right documentation. Then, we write the application and create the supporting drawings. If the TTB objects to your application, we step in the middle to maximize your chances of acceptance and minimize processing delays. Our attorneys have developed longstanding relationships and have learned how best to help move tricky or unique applications through in a timely fashion.

Our hard work and experience show in the success we have had for our clients. No TTB application we have filed for a manufacturer has ever been denied.


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