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Most of the lawyers at Mooney Wieland left positions at mainland corporate law firms to go in a different direction. They came together to found Mooney Wieland, a boutique business firm that values client relationships, personal attention, and successful outcomes above all else. To do that, we earn trust from our clients through direct and transparent representation.

Mooney Wieland represents companies in many industries ranging from the very small all the way up to international corporations. With offices in two hemispheres (one in Boise, Idaho, and another in Pago Pago, American Samoa), we have the depth and resources to do the job right. But, even though Mooney Wieland is a serious business firm, our lawyers and staff truly enjoy the craft-beverage industry. We have taken that love and turned it into a burgeoning law practice with dozens of clients all over the United States. Some clients contact us while they are still early in the planning stage, while many others seek us out for the specialized regulatory or intellectual-property tasks that they or their local attorneys cannot handle on their own. Whatever the reason, we love working directly with alcoholic-beverage companies and with their primary lawyers if there are any.

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